What I Offer

Live Performance, Teaching Music, Content Production, Music Production, Making Money From Music Using Social Media & Digital Marketing


Teaching Music

I teach rudiments of music and performance. My method is not based on sight reading. I teach in a unique way that is focused on my students playing any tune they love after three lessons. My academy is small so I give attention to my students. Apart from basic music rudiments and performance, I teach songwriting, creativity, and music production.


Content Production

Content is king! This applies to your music compositions and your business promotions. I help newbies craft content to make their brand stand out. From writing their lyrics to writing their websites, social media pages, and ads. I also help to create simple designs for art covers and page posts using Canva. I also help with smartphone photography as a handy tool for quick online posts to enrich your pages and attract huge followership. I write blogs on my website to help newbies get free content to guide them in their musical journey. I also write blog posts as a service to my clients.


Music Production

Many people feel that having sophisticated gear in the studio is what it takes to produce great music. Yes, it’s great to work in a big studio but a decent home studio with great production skills will give you what you want. Nothing stops you from taking your music to any other big studio if you so wish. But I encourage newbies to start out with guys like me who are there to help them succeed. I pay attention to your musical idea and bring creativity into it. I work in an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding inspiring you to do more and get more out of your music.


Making Money

These days one can make a decent living with his or her brand of music if well packaged. You don’t need to be very popular to make money from your music. You don’t need to be in haste either. Do the hard work, use the right strategies, give yourself a little time, and be consistent. Get the necessary digital tools and strategy to get your music to the right ears, then you will be handsomely rewarded for your musical content. Digital marketing and social media have helped new artists to let their music be heard. Don’t get discouraged by the tough competition in the industry.  if you use the right strategies from the beginning, you will not be in much competition in the first place. That’s why I am here to guide you. Most people don’t know how to make money. The secret of making money is to create value not chase money. People only give you money in exchange you your skills and the problems you solve for them using your skills, innovation, or creativity. This is a core concept in my make-money strategy. I will show you how it works.

Live Performance
I perform at live events. Especially social events that
border on inspiring Africans, summits, political meetings
youth empowerment, and education

One on One Sessions