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About Dichis

Hi, My name is Dominic Isiuwa, but my stage name is Dichis. I am a teacher, content producer, musician, and music producer.

I am an African child who loves promoting African heritage in my music and other creations. I like writing about education, music, and music business on my blog. I also publish educational and researched articles on LinkedIn. I am here to provide music, messages, and tips to help you make money. I provide the education and information to inspire and spur you to act. Click the button below to learn more about me.

My singles

These works are available on Spotify, Sondcloud, Audiomac etc

Art African Child

African Child

This song inspires faith and admiration for my African roots and calls for a better Africa.


Mama is a song I wrote in memory of my beloved mother, my sweet wife, and all mothers. Praise to mothers!